2022 Year in Review for Pickleball Express

2022 Year in Review for Pickleball Express

2022 was an amazing year for Pickleball Express! To everyone who has made a point to visit our store or who may have stumbled onto one of our ads and wanted to see what Pickleball Express was all about, we want to say thank you. This summer, our founder, Carrie, had the amazing idea to start a business surrounding a growing sport that we were obsessed with!

We knew that we loved pickleball and wanted to be part of its growing legacy. So with the foundation of a business in place, we set out to build a website that was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and ultimately offered pickleball equipment, pickleball apparel, and pickleball gear that would leave our customers looking for more of our products in the future.

We understood that the top levels of the game were well-covered and sponsored by some of the leading racket-sport manufacturers in the world. While we are continuing to develop relationships to offer every possible product, our focus from the start has been on the everyday pickleballer who is passionate about the game but might no ever enter a sponsored tournament. We wanted to target the weekend pickleball player, or the player who plays at open time at their local YMCA, the local legends of the game.

With all of that in mind, we set out to find manufacturers and products that would bring people into the game in a fun and affordable way. Starter packs for the first-time player, top-line paddles at easy-to-swallow prices, fun pickleball apparel to show off the passion we all share, a custom paddle to show off unique designs or special memories, and so much more.

2022 was the beginning for Pickeball Express, and we are so excited about the foundation that has been built going into an incredible 2023. Big things are coming in the new year, and we are excited to share our journey with you! Happy New Year!

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