10 Must-Have Pickleball Items for the New Year!

10 Must-Have Pickleball Items for the New Year!

Pickleball is "THE FASTEST GROWING SPORT IN AMERICA!" And if you are anything like us when we first started exploring the game, you had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, with a little research and some tips from our local community of pickleballers (the pickleball community really is wonderful), we were able to shorten that learning curve dramatically! And now we would like to return the favor to our friends, followers, and any curious person who might have stumbled onto our page. Below are some of the must-haves and big wants to complete any successful day at the pickleball court.

1. Pickleball Paddle

+ Big surprise here, right? When we first got into pickleball, it was a little intimidating to know where to begin. You will have those that preach a premium paddle from the get-go (and there is nothing wrong with that!), but for most players, unless they are coming from a competitive racquet sport background or plan on playing all the time at a serious level, you will not be able to tell a discernible difference for quite a while. Find a design that you connect with, make sure the paddle meets USAPA standards, and make sure it matches your price point. A single paddle of decent quality can run anywhere from the $50 range to well over $200! We have a wide array of single paddles and starter packs to choose from that you can browse.

2. Storage

+ Many of the starter paddle sets we offer come with a convenient carry bag that will cover the basics (2 paddles and a couple pickleballs), but many find this soon is simply not enough. Many of the players we play with come with multiple paddles, an entire sleeve of pickleballs, towels, water bottles, speakers, etc. To make sure you have everything you need in one location, you will find backpacks or athletic bags to be a must! 

3. Pickleballs!

+ This may seem basic, but you will be surprised how short of a time a set of 3 pickleballs will last when you get serious about the game. The most common pickleballs you will see (especially in competitive settings) are going to be in the yellow to neon color, but when you are playing for fun, you will also see orange, blue, you name it colors of pickleballs being played with! Make sure you know whether you will be playing primarily indoors or outdoors when shopping for the pickleballs, and find the ones that are going to be the most durable or fun to play with based on your level of play.

4. Water Bottle

+ Again, pretty basic! But many beginners will be surprised at the workout they receive playing pickleball, and the last thing you want to find yourself without is a way to stay hydrated. Nobody wants to have to stop playing because they need to go refuel! Such a common theme when playing pickleball is "just one more” game! Make sure you stay hydrated.

5. Pickleball Net

+ For many people living in bigger cities or that have a local YMCA, having a net is not really an issue. However, as the popularity of pickleball continues to explode, the theme of not having space to play is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. And you will unfortunately find that a standard net on a tennis court is a little too high for conducive pickleball play. Thankfully, there are now available options to bring your own portable pickleball net. In most cases, an easy setup will have you playing pickleball on your terms wherever space is available!

6. Pickleball Line Markers

+ If you find the lack of court availability to be a concern like above in #5, you probably also run into this common problem. Having space to play but no available boundaries for your pickleball court. Thankfully, there are solutions to this as well. If you have the space and don't mind the time, chalk is an excellent option for quick play on a hard surface. But there are also rubber line markers that you can now purchase that speed this process up quite a bit and still allow for high-quality play! If you have the desire to play but don't have the court or the lines, you may want to strongly consider this portable solution.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

+ If you are anything like us, we love to play outdoors. Nothing quite sets the tone of the game like having the music of your choice blaring in the background! There are many wonderful options for portable bluetooth speakers that enhance every pickleball experience. If you are looking for an affordable one to throw into your pickleball bag to make sure you are always ready, you might give this one a try.

8. Pickleball Apparel

+ For many of our friends and followers, pickleball is a lifestyle. And there is nothing wrong in looking the part. To excel on the pickleball court, you want to have athletic and comfortable clothing. And for those who are not afraid to show off their pickleball passion, there are many great options beyond your traditional big brands to show off your love!

9. Athletic Shoes

+ If you are going to be playing a lot of pickleball, you will want to make sure you have shoes that fit your play. While any athletic shoe will work in most cases, you want to be sure you have shoes that fit your foot properly and are designed to withstand the back and forth quick moves that pickleball requires! There is nothing that will set you back from playing pickleball like a twisted ankle or other injury caused by improper shoes. Make sure you come to the pickleball courts properly equipped for the most fun you can have exercising!

10. For the Truly Pickleball Addicted-- A Custom Paddle

+ If you plan on becoming a true pickleballer, your paddle speaks to who you are on the court. For many, this will be buying the paddles that the top pros in the game use. We ourselves have done this! But we also love showing our personal touch on this game we are crazy about! We love being able to show friends and family the personal designs we made for our pickleball paddles without having to rely on the designs of what the top-line brands are selling at any given point. Our custom paddles are USAPA-approved and match the specifications of many of the top-line paddles on the market. Bring your own design or image to us so that you can show off your true pickleball addiction!

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